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"I created this series because over the past twenty years of successfully staging homes for sale, I have learned that every type of room follows a basic template, regardless of location or price. Sure, staging is easy when you have a big staging budget however, that is typically not the case. Many of my clients are using their own furnishings and living in the home while it's on the market. They want to know how to make it work, on a budget, with life happening at the same time. The more money they spend, the less profit they make on the sale of their home. That is the reality for most people."

                                   -Stayci Fast, MIRM, Founder, New England Staging & Interiors

This DIY option is for:

  • Sellers who are up for some DIY staging and want room by room tips, techniques and examples to follow at your own pace.

  • Finding staging tactics that use the decor you have available mixed with (if needed) buying a few things that can likely also be used in your new home.

  • Realtors or professionals who want to offer home staging consultation for their clients.

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