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Sure, your home’s features are its best advertisement, but how do you effectively mirror back a better lifestyle for the home buyer in your market?

NESI has been fortunate to work in hundreds of residences throughout the North East, providing interiors for vacant and occupied homes for sale. From country estates to urban penthouses, each market warrants a diverse spectrum of design styles. Understanding your target market is essential to effectively preparing your home for the marketplace.

 Together with local real estate professionals and continued professional education, we work to understand each market’s precise expectations to ensure those needs are acknowledged and carefully incorporated through our design tactics. Staging a home involves researching the home’s location, buyer demographics, and unique aesthetic. Interior trends are rapidly changing therefore, our research is ongoing; providing us with key insight into the lifestyle needs of different home buying markets.

Not available to meet with us in person? We offer E-design services for clients looking to work with us remotely. 

For questions about your area or pricing for your staging project,
please call 1-888-778-6347 to speak to a Designer.

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