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Model Home Interiors

''And we`ve found that sales are accelerated, and the customer is happier knowing what type and quality of project the developer is doing. The model home is really what sets the character of the neighborhood. "  

                                                  -Richard Faltz, Pres. Primus Corp

RESIDENTIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION: What does your model home say about "You" the Builder?

A model home is a silent salesperson. Merchandising is simply a way of packaging your product to your targeted market. Models are intended to influence home buyers by reinforcing their lifestyle desires, creating memory points and triggering their emotional hot buttons. This creates a sense of urgency in the buyer and solidifies their decision in choosing you- the Builder.

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Today's buyer can be considered a "be back" on their first visit if you consider over 90% of buyers will have seen the home online first. A typical buyer will look at 50 homes, starting online, weeding out which homes they want to tour in person. Once the buyer walks in the door of your house, you can assume you've made it to their "top" list of homes they are considering for purchase. You have a matter of minutes to sell this buyer.


"Successful home staging is not a design contest.
It's not about taking risks with our client's hard earned money.
It is about understanding lifestyle desires of the home buyer
 and crafting appealing solutions that draw them in
with fantastic subtlety". - Stayci Fast





There is more to merchandising a model home than meets the eye. In order to properly merchandise your product, one must understand the lifestyle desires of the targeted market of the product and how to influence Buyers through targeted design. Up to date knowledge of the local real estate market and forward thinking trends is also very important in designing a model home.New England Home Staging specializes in "sales focused" design. We merchandise homes for sale throughout the greater Boston area, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and throughout New England. Our Designers have design experience, hospitality and real estate backgrounds. Stayci Fast received the coveted MIRM Designation (National Assoc. of Home Builders), the most prestigious designation offered by the Institute of Residential Marketing (IRM). (The MIRM is the top-level of achievement for professionals in new home marketing, awarded only to professionals with specific education and proven experience in selling and marketing new residential communities.)


We will ensure your model home:

  • Demonstrates how the home will be used.

  • Maintains continuity with your marketing and company brand/image.

  • Implements forward thinking design to bring longevity with your investment.

  • Increases the perceived value of your product.

  • Identifies with the target market through style, function and memory points.



What is the difference between an Interior Designer

and Professional Merchandiser?


Interior designers typically work with individuals to design functional spaces that fit their client's individual preferences and needs. Professional merchandisers design spaces to influence a specific audience or targeted market. Understanding buyer lifestyle preferences is essential to merchandise effectively.


Before you hire your Project Mgr., decorator friend, spouse, real estate agent, etc., to furnish your model home, give us a call for a FREE consultation.  

Our model home merchandising service includes:


  • We work with the builder/developer to establish the marketing direction for the new community.  

  • We work closely with the builder's staff and other finish contractors on specifications: wall colors, cabinetry, counter tops and lighting.

  • We purchasing furnishings, window coverings, wall coverings, rugs, art and accessories upon design approval. 

  • Install and stage models to meet builder's opening deadlines

  • Highlight and integrate eco-friendly/green design practices.

  • At the completion of each job we provide photo documentation of each model.


We are the only model home merchandising firm in the North East to currently hold the MIRM designation from the NAHB. 
What does that mean to you?

- You are working with experts in understanding targeted design.
- You are working with expert that has a background in selling real estate.
- You are working with an expert that understands a Builder's performa and budget objectives.













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We offer model home merchandising in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont.