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Style is ageless

What does your Senior Living model home reflect about "You" the Builder ?
What does it say about your Senior Living Buyer?
We understand transitioning from home to home can be overwhelming, especially when you're downsizing as a homeowner. Our goal in designing spaces for Senior Living is to inspire potential buyers, getting them excited to enter into that next chapter of their life! Our client's home buyers are not walking away saying "we'll think about it, we just started looking, we'll get back to you". These home buyers are excited to get moving!
( The above video shows our model at Granite Woods in Salem, NH. Sixty unit community with more than 50 sold within one year. Quality Builder + Quality Product = Success)

The Buyer Scenario;

You are coming from a larger, beautiful home, filled with an eclectic collection of furnishings and style
you have acquired through hard work, love of friends and family, and a learned appreciation of good taste and quality in life.
You envision buying a smaller home that reflects the beauty of how far you've come

and the excitement of where you're headed in this exciting new chapter. 

Showcasing that vision is important. Model home interiors don't have to cost a fortune yet should reflect an appreciation of your potential buyer in this market. A "sad" model does not reflect a happy new lifestyle. 

Our interiors demonstrate the use of their new space; infusing a sense of community along with comforting elements of home and independence. We want your future residents to be excited about their move and look forward to their new lifestyle. Achieving this balance is a collaboration between each unique community and our design team. Whether you're looking for short-term furniture leasing or model home packages for purchase, we're happy to discuss your needs. 

Reach out to us for more information on pricing options for your model home. 

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