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Snow Day Ideas for Home Sellers: 5 Tips for Going From “Snow” Home to "Show" Home!

Snowy barn

Your home can be a source of stress even in the best of conditions. Selling your home in New England during the peak, snowy, winter months? Fahgettaboutit!

Kids out of school, salt and sand on every surface, boots and coats and shovels and slippery driveways…need I go on?

Just when you get the news that the sun will not be coming out tomorrow, a little elbow grease and a lot of productivity can keep your selling plans moving in the right direction.

White house, dormers, black shutters, winter snow

Here are some strategies to get some of the little things done while you’re snowed in:

1) Repair and paint the trim around doorways and hallways. These areas are the first to get scuff marks and show signs of wear and tear in your home. (Save the front door for after the snow)

2) Update outdated light fixtures. (Recommended favorites here) .

3) Clean or replace the switch plates on all your lights switches. Basic white or ivory is best.

4) Clean and organize closets/pantries. “Perception is reality”. If buyers think you’ve taken the time to organize your closets, they will feel assured you’ve taken care of the important things in the home such as the roof, the furnace and the bigger, costly components in the home.

5) Keep close watch for potential snow damage on the exterior of your home. Corners of the house and the garage, as well as the trim around doors can really take a beating during bad weather. Keeping an eye out for the hot spots (or rather, cold spots) can save you money when the snow melts and the damage is done

If you are showing your home during the snowy winter, make sure to observe how your winter “living” may translate through a buyer’s eyes. For example;


Piles shoes next to door → “There is a lack of storage space in the house.”

Places tape around drafty windows. → “This house needs new windows.”

Regardless of the time of year you choose to sell, you can still achieve that essential “wow” factor with staging tactics that resonate with your buyers. For more home staging ideas on how to stage your home, visit our Pinterest board ->

Boston winter snow brownstone


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