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Save Your Sleep Sanity!

Do you sleep with dogs or kids?

If you answered "yes" to that question, get ready to level up your life! This game changing solution may just save your sanity, your marriage, and improve your sleep every single night!

What is this sleeping sorcery? The Nordics know this already, how could we have missed this!

Instead of using a King duvet, use two twin duvets and 2 quilts or blankets. (no top sheet)

This solution solves the blanket tug-of-war and the middle man (dog or kid) from laying on top of the blanket. Trust me, this is a game changer. Day to day, I like to sleep like the above, with white bedding so I can see if there are any creepy things in the bed (other than the dogs and kids themselves.)

This also makes washing the bedding so much easier since you likely wash them ALOT.

When you want the bed to look made and pretty, you can simply add a decorative King comforter, (or more white, haha) over the top of the twins, add the decorative pillows, and voila.

Give it a try with 2 inexpensive twin, puffy, duvets from Homegoods or TJ Maxx. Save your fancy King comforter for an overlay when the crazies are not there. Because if there's one thing I know for sure, kids and dogs love a freshly made bed!

You're welcome.


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