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Kitchen Home Staging Q's & A's + pics

Q: In what ways can I blend my wood cabinets with other finishes to lighten my kitchen? Can I mix different metals in the kitchen?

A: These kitchens demonstrate a great use of mixing wood, or tile that looks like wood, with soft white cabinets, mixing whites w/ beige undertones in countertops. Also mixing metals in the kitchen.

Adding faux wood beams can tie in wood cabinets with other rooms.

Mixing gold, stainless, bronze, wood + white. And a perfectly staged kitchen example.

Great inspiration for grey painted wood kitchen cabinet solution. Sometimes no hardware is the best choice. Also, a great example of hanging drape rod high with white blinds + white wall. If the drapes were hung low, it would make the space look so much smaller.

Mixing wood with Navy is typically a safe bet. The key is to balance different finishes. Notice the appliances are stainless, the lights and stools are similar, the counter and backsplash are the same, there are 2 cabinet finishes along the perimeter with the island base as a bright pop of white, matching the waterfall counter. This gives the room visual depth, making it seem bigger.

Glass paneled doors are a great solution for brightening dark cabinets.

Wood cabinetry mixes well with natural textures, stone elements, modern metals in lighting and faucets. Succulents and neutral decor works best.

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