Le style de vente (The style of selling)

I have a confession. "An addiction really,"(said in my best Moira voice) to perusing homes for sale in France. It's bad because if I dare peek at it during scheduled work-time, it can mess up my schedule for the week.

So! In an effort to get my fix and save my schedule, I've decided to take some blogging time and make my addiction productive.

To make a relative connection to my business, I often find houses for sale locally that are decorated or have been staged so badly and I want to call them out but of course would never. So, while perusing homes for sale in Northern France (bc duh), I found the perfect subject to call out without fear of knowing the Realtor or the Homeowner. And, of course, I'm happy to make my services available at said "home for sale" at their convenience.

Ok so here it is;

Listed at € 1,035,000- now down to 995,000

C'est chic right? (like, put your wheel barrel away already)

the back

Well it gets not so chic. I found 2 different listings for this property, one looks like the before staging and the other looks like the after........"staging".