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Inspired Design: Emma Jane Pilkington & Dries Van Noten Style

I was first introduced to the impeccable style of Emma Jane Pilkington through the 2015 Elle Decor piece where I literally almost fell out of my chair over the Dries Van Noten skirt she was wearing in this photo. I have searched for this Dries skirt from his Spring 2012 skirt ever since. (That whole collection was so fabulous with geometric design mixed with a griseille print.)

Emma Jane's home is timeless. A genius mix of modern art and classic European antiques. I'm really looking forward to her website featuring more of her work.

Embellished with those sunning doors, her Greenwich CT home is no doubt reflective of her impeccable taste. She also has a curated list of favorites on 1st Dibs that I often peek at.

Limestone fireplace, Black and white marble flooring, Emma Jane Pilkington home, European home style

french decor, block print, European inspired, white on white art

I love the Santiago Castillo abstract artwork throughout the home. Santiago's brother Lorenzo Castillo is also a fabulous Interior Designer. In fact, one of my fave rooms Lorenzo did is this one:

Ok wait....... Speaking of that Dries Van Noten 2012 Spring collection, doesn't the above Lorenzo Santiago 2010 room design look like it could have been the inspo. for Dries 2012 fashion collection? I mean HELLO, its so similar!?!

(These are the odd things I notice as a highly observant person)

This has become quite the most rambling post. Anyway, while I'm rambling...

Netflix has some wonderful documentaries on famed fashion designers such as Zac Posen, Christian Louboutin, and my favorite, Dries Van Noten with the 2017 documentary 'Dries'.

The Belgian Fashion Designer has a home outside of Antwerp that is blooming with inspiration. His designs evolve with unexpected juxtaposition between modern and classical, form and color. His gardens are immaculate. If you are a fashion afficionado, like so many interior design lovers are, I highly recommend watching this inspiring documentary. His estate is stunning.

Dries Van Noten Belgium HOme


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