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Hosting with Style; Ideas for staging a rental property.

Purchasing a property for rental income is certainly having a moment, with low interest rates right now and the hotel scene struggling at Covid half capacity, it's easy to see the draw to the bustling rental market.

I've stayed in a few, from San Francisco to Cape Cod and although the locations have been stellar, I must say a few of the home accommodations have had room to improve.

As a Designer, I realize it might seem like my expectations would be high but they're really not. I also think I also understand the "staging" perspective coming from the Owner's side of the business.

Maintaining "hotel style" standards may seem cost prohibitive for some rentals but it certainly doesn't have to break the bank to get a good ROI.

Think about your rental as a "Brand" and market your own little place in the world. Why not sell your branded (monogrammed) home decor as a fun take-away for your guests? Or use some locally sourced soaps from a fave shop.

My theory is, if you're going to provide it, then make it at least reflect the price of your rental. For example: If you say you'll provide bottled water, then buy a regular water brand. Not the cheapest case of water you can find in town. (ahem, Ft Lauderdale rental)

The above photo is from my stay at Wing's Neck Lighthouse in Pocassett,MA. I took a ton of fabulous photos from that stay. A perfect example of a place I plan on going back to and would totally buy a tote bag or some logo swag to come home with.

Whether you're staging a home for sale or advertising your Airbnb rental, it's no secret that staging sells. Styling a rental can increase bookings AND also excites your clients into doing some free promotion for your property through their happy social sharing of photos and word of mouth.

And let's face it, it's the little things in life that go along way.


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