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Destination: Aspen, Colorado

When: July 2021

Stayed: St Regis Aspen Co

Photos: Stayci Fast

OUR ROOM at the St Regis was great. Loved the vintage Ralph Lauren leather pieces. The bathroom seemed like an after thought renovation, with the double closet style doors next to the bathtub yet, it worked well and was beautiful. The hallways are wallpapered in a gorgeous grisaille landscape mural. The accent chairs had a weighted pillow with braided leather cording which was a fun unexpected detail.

FAVE FOOD - I am obsessed with the French Alpine Bistro in Aspen.

We ate at a few places during the week however, we ate here 3 times. Of course, the "Yellowstone" vibe is strong here in Aspen but here, infuse that vibe with French, vintage, collected and cozy interiors.

The food is fantastic. I'm not giving the food enough credit because it really is fabulous. Look at the beautiful photos on their website. Make sure you call ahead.

This little outdoor space is absolute perfection. So many DIY ideas! The pipe drapes, the wood basket storage, oh and....there's this view!


Pitkin County Dry Goods for men and women's clothing- hands down my fave for clothing. Great jeans and sneakers and hats and jewelry.

Wyld Blue for vintage luxury, a cool boho vibe with everything from baby Gucci sandals to an EPIC dollhouse made with tiny little luxury label bags and modern decor.

Yes! This is a little dollhouse people!

Then there's Kemo Sabe for your hat. They do offer a great Aspen experience, branding your hat with personalization and accoutrements. They have a stellar selection of turquoise jewelry and custom designer boots.

STYLE VIBE : Aspen 2021


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