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Destination: Alys Beach, Florida

Photos by Stayci Fast

The Emerald Coast is construction crazy and Alys Beach is right in the mix. My family started going to Seaside FL in the late eighties when 30A was scrub oak and cottages along snow white sand and piercing blue water. The influence that Seaside was having in new architecture was quietly setting the stage for a new lifestyle along that stretch of perfect coastline. Alys Beach was just a dream. We love it there so much that my Mom and Sister moved down there from the arctic tundra I call New Hampshire.

Over the years, 30A has become super populated and filled with amazing little shops. I do love the vibe but for me, it's all about the architecture in Alys Beach. I love coming here for quiet inspiration filled with design elements that touch the senses. From the sun's artistic shadow play to the water features along the path, it truly is a magical community.

There are a few rentals available for vacation stays and there is a plethora of new construction. I'm going to honest, this is not the place to bring a bunch of crazy kiddos, although there is a great little playground. Its very quiet and serene in the neighborhood, yet walkable to so many fun restaurants and shops along 30A.

The landscape design has intention. Creative, organic multi purpose spaces that emote playfulness and sophistication. The inspiration is endless.

The style of Alys Beach homes reflect a Bahamian, seaside aesthetic. Organic and textural use of materials such as cypress wood, limestone, metalworks and sculpture. Moroccan style lighting is sprinkled throughout, strung from palms with chain and adorning the exposed verandas. Gas lit lanterns and custom shutters act as jewelry on the simple stated stucco facades.

The integration of outdoor and interior space is impeccably executed. There is a super chic restaurant, pool, and bar, a very sexy vibe.

Below is a pic of the playground. That photo is a great example of the construction happening amongst the community and the integration of public and private spaces.

Alys Beach is walkable to Rosemary Beach and Seacrest. You'll probably want to bike or drive over to Seagrove and Seaside. Full of shops, food trucks, local markets, bars and art galleries.

A few notable FAVES:

There are actually so many faves. I think this is the best website to explore.

Explore Seaside and more beach towns on the coast at - Towns.

Learn more about Seaside Merchants at - Shopping Guide.

Hope to see you there soon!

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