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Designer Chic Temporary & Removable Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper when you're selling can be a tricky tactic. It can certainly add personality to a space however, the question is, "Who's personality are you going for?"

Before you pick out your personal fave, better make sure you're picking a trend for your potential buyer's personality, not necessarily yours (the Seller).

I'm obsessed with the new options for temporary and removable wallpaper. There is no excuse for having a boring space any longer!

Avoid a full reno with fixture changes & wallpaper over the old.

Graphic wallpaper with an amazing flush mount light in the bathroom can make a major impact.

(I took this photo in 2016, still such a timeless wallpaper)

Behind shelves and bookcases

Same kitchen shot from 2016. How nice to switch it up when you're ready for a new look!

Serena & Lily decor in this little space is a perfect marriage of function and style.

Great spots for a wallpaper punch, like the end of a hallway or under the stairs.

And one of my FAVORITE solutions for painted stairs or basement stairways. Using a wallpaper on the riser can turn high traffic, worn out stairs, into your new favorite spot!

And another major fave, I'm loving the cement tile look in vinyl

Does this not make your head spin with ideas on where to DIY your next wallpaper project?


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