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How much does it cost to stage a home?
New England Staging & Interiors (NESI) leases furnishings by the piece so prices are dependent upon the amount of furniture your home will need for the staging. Staging costs typically start at $1500 per month and go up based on the scope of the project. You should also anticipate a delivery/pick up fee and taxes. 

Do you have a monthly minimum for furniture rental?
A three month rental, $1500 minimum is our policy, however based on the scope of the project, multi unit projects can be negotiated.

Does the property need to be vacant to rent furniture?
Typically the home does need to be vacant however, we do have some exceptions. 

What service do you offer if I am living in the home while it is for sale?
We typically do not stage a non-vacant property. We do offer consultation services in some areas.

Do I get a refund if the home sells in less than 3 months?
Our goal is for your home to sell in less than your lease term agreement and most of our clients have a very successful outcome. Although we do not make any guarantees that your home will sell, we are confident that you will pleased if it does. We do not offer any refunds or proration of days when you do sell the home.

When do I have to pay for the staging?
All staging lease services are paid at time of reservation. Model home services and larger projects may have a tiered payment schedule, however all lease agreements must be paid in full  prior to staging date. 


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