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Staging your home before your real estate agent comes over can result in a higher listing price recommendation.

Why wait to present your home in its best condition until AFTER your Real Estate Agent visits the house? Many times your Agent will give you a much better suggested list price if you have them visit your house after its been staged.

Not sure if your home needs staging and want to ask your Agent first? No worries, every home can benefit from a home staging consultation. It's a simple process and helps you uncover how to best connect with your potential audience (home buyer).  Home staging is not simple making things pretty with decorating. It's about styling your home in ways that appeal to your BUYER's lifestyle, not yours. The longer you have lived in your home, the greater the "disconnect" between your style and you likely buyer.


Here's a couple of scenarios...


Scenario 1:

  • YOU>Your home is decorated very well. So warm and family oriented. You bought your home when your kids were very young. Now they're teens and you're ready for a bigger house.You're busting at the seams with dis-functional space! 

  • YOUR LIKELY BUYER> They are basically "you" when you first bought the house! Their kids are tiny, they're so excited for a house. They want to see how that wonderful new life is demonstrated in your space. 

  • STAGING SOLUTION: We need to whip that dis-functional space into shape! Together, we can make it look like you are functioning like a well oiled machine of an organized family. Your Buyers want to see how they will live! (Not the stress of having teens in this house) 


Scenario 2: 

  • YOU> You've lived in your home for over 5 yrs. (or much longer) Your home is impeccably clean. Your children are grown or you have none. Your bedrooms are being used as an office, a yoga or craft room. You have an eclectic mix of furnishings you have collected.  You think your Buyers can visualize how they will use the space.

  • YOUR LIKELY BUYER> The chances of your buyer using bedroom space like you do is less likely than the chance they will have kids and need traditional bedroom space. The goal with staging is to help your appeal to the widest audience. 

  • STAGING SOLUTION> We might not need to switch your rooms to bedrooms but we will need to find solutions to connect with that audience. It doesn't have to be a big production, just some purposeful design tactics.

Did you know that calling us BEFORE you call a real estate agent could help you get free home staging services?

  • NE Staging doesn't sell real estate but we know people who do! We work with New England's best Real Estate Agents and many of them will cover the cost of your home staging. 

  • Already know your Agent? That's great! It's still best to contact us first.  ph: 1.888.778.6347



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Home Staging Consultation

COST : Starting at $250 + for 2-2.5 hours


A consultation is a service we offer for homeowners living in the home while selling. The consultation is a thorough walk through of the property and typically takes 2 hours or more. 

We tour the home with the home seller, taking the path of a perspective buyer, and make a detailed list of action items the homeowner can implement on their own. As we walk the house, we will at the same time prioritize what is most important and also find solutions for any issues that the Seller cannot perform or may need additional help. If the Homeowner is not able to implement the actions items we uncover, we are happy to help as much or as little as they like.


Contact Jennifer Colvin to see if your area is available. 603.475.3539