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Designing good vibes in the Home

There's a vibe you get when you enter a room. Whether you're selling or staying, every space is experienced through these vibrations of "Chi"  (Energy Flow).


Using the 5 Elements of Nature; water, earth, metal, fire and wood in your home and understanding how these elements work together with Chi energy helps to elevate the experience in any space.  Not only can the vibe improve, these design tactics are believed to actually energize positive Chi towards achieving specific life goals, improving health, wealth and harmony in relationships. 

You can read all about Feng Shui and the why's behind the strategies, but for now, here is an easy blueprint for staging positive vibes in your home or space.  

Feng Shui Staging

- Click one of the 9 Energy Areas or GUA you want to explore. 

Start  here...

- Draw an outline of your whole house and/or visualize this 9 grid map overlaying (stretching or condensing) your home with the front door at the bottom.

- Each of these 9 areas on the Energy Map corresponds to that location in your home. These areas are called "Gua" in Feng-Shui.


You'll want to put the main door at bottom, middle of the grid. 

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